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DG Sports enters the recruiting market to serve high school student athletes looking to play college sports. Our mission is to be the vehicle for students and college coaches to connect making a lasting relationship. We want to help the athlete find a school they will be successful at, on and off the field. It is important for DG Sports to get to know the student-athlete to help guide them in their journey in the recruitment process.

About Coach

Ever since I coached my first team as a high school student, I realized the importance of sports as a model for life. The preparation, learning rules, getting along with teammates and to play as a solid unit, instilled in me the importance of competition. My father coached me as well as my 4 brothers and sisters. He taught us to never give up and to work hard no matter the perceived outcome. It is my hope that through DG Sports and Recruiting, I will be able to help the student-athlete realize their potential by choosing a school that will help them become who they want to be. We are a team that will grow over time and no detail is too small for us. We want to guide you through the process to lessen the work that will allow you to make the tough decision that will make a big impact in your life. Thanks for allowing us to be a part of that process.


To enable student-athletes to successfully find the right school of their choice. Location, weather and distance from home are factors for most students going to college for the first time. Financing is probably the most important thing and it may seem secondary to the student-athlete. Financing for college can take on different looks like academic scholarships, grants and work-study programs. DG Sports will look at all the options available.


Our main focus is the mid-Atlantic areas, covering New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, DC and Delaware and parts of Virginia. But our coverage for the student-athlete will not stop there. We will look to find national options for the student-athlete looking to play on a bigger stage.
Allison Coleman, 4A States at U. Of Md.
Nick Augusta, Hunterdon Central '24
Katerina Hoffman, Rutgers '28
Lily Gordon, Penn State '16
#8 Jelly Schnell, Hunterdon Central '25
Joey DeChiaro, Old Dominion '23
Ben Gordon, Chaparral HS '24, Scottsdale
Ellie Stricker, Elon '23

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