Dave Rodgers has been in the fitness business for over 20 years.  When he began his Doylestown Sports Performance business he started out working  with athletes from his garage.  Things have changed greatly over the years and he now has a nice size building in Dublin, Pa.  He has two great employees in Jimmy and Matt, who both have degrees in Kinesiology/exercise science, and hold various certificates in the field of sports performance training.  Dave also has those degrees as he graduated from West Chester University and minors in nutrition.  They have all the makings to help any athlete to achieve their desired goals if they want to.  Dave worked with division I athletes at La Salle and has slowly been able to gain a following of many athletes in the area.  He says it takes time to build, but their motto of “Increasing athletic performance while decreasing injury risk” has been important to them at DSP.  a quick visit to their training facility showed that their athletes are comfortable there and know the routine.  Not that any one visit is routine to the trainers, as they vary the exercises to differentiate each athletes particular needs.  But the routine is hard work.  from The warmups, to the training and then the cool down period, the athletes know where to go and what needs to be done.  The leadership of DSP has the athletes believing that what they are doing is going to benefit each person in the room and they are directed so no time is wasted.  The list of the athletes and where they have played is impressive.  Check out their website and see what they have to offer.  From private to semi-private workouts to small group and team training, they offer something for any serious athlete that wants results.  anyone who steps into their facility will not be disappointed in the results.  I highly recommend a visit to Doylestown Sports performance.