When an athlete signs up they will be able to create a profile which will enable coaches to see their data.  You can enter links of videos and schedules for games or tournaments when in season.  All prospective coaches will want to know about grades, skills updates and experience for the student-athlete.  

DG Sports will keep the athlete informed of important show cases available, a list of schools that would be a potential match and look for avenues for the athlete to better market themselves during the recruiting process.  Our website has an SEO reach that will bring attention to the coaches when they are looking for information on the athlete.  Our Blog will help the process and highlight your level of skill and the progress that you have made.  

We will use other forms of social media to reach out to coaches.  The student-athlete will need to keep the profile current.  

DG Sports will watch the athlete in play or practice and for an additional fee we will video work outs or games to showcase the talents and abilities of the athlete.  Our goal is to get as many people interested in you as possible to enhance the chances of you realizing your dream of playing college sports at a school that best fits you as a person.